Diabetic Foot Clininc, Dr Sunil Rathore.

Diabetic Foot Screening

The aim of this examination is to determine as early as possible any risk factors for diabetic foot complications such as neuropathy and ischaemia amongst other things, and reduce amputations and ulcerations with timely referrals. 

Diabetes is a condition which may result in severe complications of the foot. If you have not had a diabetic foot screening or would like further assessments and advice, Contact us

All individuals with diabetes should receive an annual foot examination to identify high-risk foot conditions. This examination should include assessment of protective sensation, foot structure and biomechanics, vascular status, and skin integrity. People with one or more high-risk foot conditions should be evaluated more frequently for the development of additional risk factors. People with neuropathy should have a visual inspection of their feet at every visit with a health care professional.

DR. Sunil Rathore